Ron Perlman Wants Hellboy 3

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Ron Perlman has still expressed interest in completing the trilogy, hoping to find enough support from more conventional means of funding. Recently was asked about crowd funding for Hellboy 3, He said he believes it’s wrong to ask the fans to do so.


Ron Perlman recently had the chance to elaborate on the status of Hellboy 3 while talking with Variety about his TV series, Hand of God. According to Perlman, director Guillermo del Toro already has an idea for the threequel, but hasn’t talked to Perlman since all of the recent hubbub surrounding Hellboy 3 started.

On what it has been like to hear so much about Hellboy 3 and what the third film could possibly be about, Perlman said:

The discussion has now overtaken me rather than me overtaking the discussion. And here I am in Monte Carlo, working on my suntan, and people are still asking me about ‘Hellboy 3,’ so I guess it’s still news. But I’ll tell you the same thing I’ve been telling everyone else, the ‘Hellboy’ saga was meant to have a beginning, a middle and an end, and that, if you were loyal enough to us where you came and watched both those two movies that we made, we owe you a resolve.

And there will come a time where he will have to live up to his destiny, which is to be the beast of the apocalypse, or if he has to suppress that destiny by sacrificing himself in some way so as to not destroy mankind but do the opposite. And that’s the discussion of the third film; I think it’s a discussion worth having, and I think it’s something we owe the fans and I’m being very clear about that with…

Perlman also said that he talks with del Toro “intermittently” and hasn’t spoken with him since his comments, but assures us that the director has a good idea of what Hellboy 3 is going to be:

It’s in Guillermo’s head. And he’s shared enough of it with me to know that it will be mind-blowing. I mean it will be mind-blowing. It will be great cinema. And if you are somebody who followed the first two movies, it will be even more mind-blowing because we have something… if you liked the first one and the second one, we have something really rock ’em, shock ’em in the third one.

It’s worth noting that Del Toro also has a fairly full slate going forward, with him finishing up work on Crimson Peak right now, and likely to film Pacific Rim 2 soon after that, given the effects-heavy sequel set to release in 2017. Also, it seems like del Toro has yet to complete a script for the film, at least according to Perlman.

After the disappointing box office returns of the second film in the series, The Golden Army, might be enough to hold off Hellboy 3 from getting made. Studios want to see numbers going up not down. I really want this movie to get made but its more like the studios will rather push for a reboot in a couple of years then to green light Hellboy3. Give me your thoughts in the comments below and then share this with your friends and become part of the conversation.



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