Kenneth Branagh to direct Thor: Ragnarok


Greetings and Salutations Once Again Audience,

Umberto Gonzalez from Heroic Hollywood’s made a comment and revealed that Kenneth Branagh may have been offered the director’s chair for Thor: Ragnarok, and clearly Marvel wants to work with him again. He’s allegedly also being offered a chance to direct Twentieth Century Fox’s take on the Agatha Christie classic Murder on the Orient Express Film, so that would be a conflict should he choose the latter.

After Kenneth Branagh directed the first big screen Marvel’s version of the nine realms of Norse Mythology and the golden metropolis known as Asgard. The film was a success and earned a Sequel, and also its followup was helmed by somebody else. Thor: The Dark World served as the feature film directorial debut for Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones).


Thor didn’t hit critics as bad as Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit but still he seemed to be in the dog house with Disney, Until of course Cinderella. Cinderella was a much bigger success then Disney excepted or anyone by that matter.  Branagh did say he would want to do another Marvel Project if the right one came along. We have Branagh to thank for the casting of Chris Hemsworth and much of the casting for Thor.

According to Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige, Ragnarok has a major role in the Marvels Cinematic Universe. So they are going to need a director who know this Universe and mold it right.

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