Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘478’


Greetings and Salutations Once Again Audience,

According to Deadline, Arnold Schwarzenegger is now attached to star in 478, based on a script by Javier Gullón.  Deadline report doesn’t mention a director being set for 478 yet, but it’s most likely going to be Javier Gullón making his directorial debut on the project.

478 tells the story of a man (Schwarzenegger) who loses his wife and child in a plane crash. Unable to come to terms with his loss, Schwarzenegger seeks revenge on the air traffic controller who was responsible for the tragedy taking place (and is now in protective police custody). Darren Aronofsky’s company, Protozoa Pictures, will be producing the film, which aims to enter production by Fall 2015.

478 reportedly described as being a quieter, more character-driven film, more in line with Maggie, in which the zombie apocalypse storyline almost served as a sub-plot to the relationships between the characters of the film.

At 67 years of age, Schwarzenegger is still not giving up action, but wants to be taken seriously as dramatic film actor. Schwarzenegger does have tentative plans to make more Terminator films, in addition to The Legend of Conan.

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