AMC Movie Talk becomes Collider Movie Talk?


Greetings and salutations Once again Audience,

I’m a huge fan of AMC Movie Talk. I’ve been watching it for…. Well… a long time. I remember when I first started watching AMC Movie Talk when they were filming out a closet and John Campea’s (editor and chief) House.

It was John Campea, Amirose Eisenbach, Erin Darling, Krisily Kennedy and Dennis Tzeng some times even Ann Campea. A couple month watching and I loved it. The this little unknown movie was announced it was called ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and John Campea wanted to find someone to come on and talk about it, and throw some friends found Jon Schnepp who at the time was working on his Documentary “‘The Death of Superman Lives’ What Happened” which release July 9th and you can watch the first 10 min’s below just watch it and go buy your copy today. Jon Schnepp also known for his work on Metalocalypse, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Venture Bros & Space Ghost. He quickly became a regular on the show and I was hooked on the show ever since.

Now AMC Movie Talk has had a few changes since then including new Shows like ‘Heroes’, Jedi Council, and Mail Bag. There was a few more but they were canceled once they changed to Collider Movie Talk which John Campea has said he may revisit down the road. They have also gained some new faces like Ashley Mova, Sinead de Vries, Alicia Malone, Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis.

We don’t have all the facts of why they left AMC but it was on good terms and AMC even now a sponcer of the new Collider Movie Talk Show. I see this as a good thing because now they can talk TV News and comics more and what ever thay want really. Well guys Leave a comment Below tell me what you think then share this post with your friends, become part of the conversion.

Here is a updated Special Announcement video: AMC Movie Talk Becomes Collider Movie Talk

Here is the very first Collider Movie Talk if you like the show, Subscribe to the show and enjoy.

heres that First 10 mins of the Documentary by Jon Schnepp  ‘The Death of Superman Lives’ What Happened’ which releases July 9th 2015 on DVD and Blue ray.


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