‘Splinter Cell’ Getting A Rewrite; Doug Liman Not Directing


Greetings and salutations Once again Audience,

Doug Liman was previously attached to direct Splinter Cell, but he reportedly left the project. Liman would have been perfect for this project based on his past work. I hope that Ubisoft can find someone of a similar caliber to replace him.

Tom Hardy has long been attached to headline Splinter Cell as HardySplinterCellSam Fisher, which is such great casting, then again I love Tom hardy and I want to see him in everything, he is such a great talent. Sam Fisher a deadly special operative who carries out black op missions for Echelon a counter-terrorism unit. The project is actively moving forward, but is also now undergoing another script revision.

Frank John Hughes is reporting putting together a fresh script draft for the Splinter Cell film adaptation after Liman leaving the project. Previous screenplay drafts for the project were penned by Eric Warren Singer and Sheldon Turner. Its still unclear if ether of the two will receive credit for their work.

This is not a new move by Ubisoft as Assassin’s Creed film adaptation project also went through a couple revisions not unlike alot of films to be fair. Understandably Ubisoft wants to refine the script due to Video game movie adaptations have historicity been not very good. We do have hope with the WARCRAFT movie coming out next year but Splinter Cell is the movie adaptation I’m most excided about.

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