Ant-Man Review – Spoiler Warning

Producers: Kevin Feige, Nira Park
Director: Peyton Reed
Screenplay: Paul Rudd, Edgar Wright, Adam McKay, Joe Cornish
Story: Edgar Wright, Stan Lee, Joe Cornish, Jack Kirby, Larry Lieber
Stars: Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll, Judy Greer and others
Distributor: Marvel Studios
Runtime: 117 minutes

Greetings and Salutations Once Again Audience,

The Marvel’s cinematic universe is filled with larger-than-life heroes A monster, a knight, a soldier, a spy, an archer, and a god, but has mustly throw away villains (Loki being the exception). So how is this one inch hero going to measure up? (Pun intended) Well??? Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang, an ex-con who crosses paths with Hank Pym, Michael Douglas after stealing the Ant-man Suit, Pym needs Lang to throw a wrench in the plans of Darren Cross (played by Cory Stoll), “a former protégé of Pym’s who has developed his own version of the Ant-Man technology and created the alter ego Yellowjacket.”


Ant-Man the last film for the Marvel’s cinematic universe Phase 2, is at its core a heist movie with a super hero twist. The casting in this movie was spot on. Paul Rudd really feels like a good man in the wrong place and the right time. Also this movie is a movie about fathers trying to protect their daughters. Abby Ryder Fortson (Scott Langs Daughter) Steals every scene shes in. My favorite line in the whole movie being “He’s so ugly, I want him!” Abby is just a darling on film and clearly she’ll be around for years to come. And speaking of stealing scenes, Michael Peña was so god in this.

Michael Peña starts off the movie and you think “This guys is going to get annoying; But he doesn’t; he gets funnier and funnier and the movie progresses. The only only casting I wasn’t to fond of was David Dastmalchian. He was dull and weird and personally I haven’t liked him in anything hes done. Thank the heavens Michael Peña was their the pull your attention for his and T.I.’s poor acting. Not to say T.I. did a bad job. T.I. was good but not bad either.

And finally Evangeline Lilly is the emotional Anchor of the film as Hank’s daughter Hope Pym. Her rocky relationship with her father after her mother dieing and knowing some how the hank’s never told her the full truth about how she died. She votes her dad out the his own company and then returns to his side to help stop Cross.


Corey Stoll brings everything he’s got to Darren Cross/Yellowjacket, but as has been the case in some of the previous Marvel endeavors, the villain is ultimately less than over whelming and lacks development. His motivations, flat out silly at best. Having said that, Cross does seen to “sell” us on the idea of a tiny soldier the size of an insect. As for his alter ego, Yellowjacket is the catalyst for some inspired fight sequences. In fact, the action is one of the Ant-Man’s greatest assets. It’s side-splittingly funny at one moment and filled with tension the next, and is entirely motivated by story and character. For me I give this movie a 8.5 out of 10. I enjoyed this film. It had some problems but there is more than enough to love.

Now lets talk Mid credit scene! I loved it. Hank breaks down and shows Hope a newer suir him and her mother was working on and he wants her to have it. and they show the new wasp suit.

Post credit scene was in my option…. Bad. Capt. America and Falcon finds the bucky with his arm suck. Lame.

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