Collider’s NEW After Show Network – New Details

Since John Campea’s announcement of the NEW After Show Network for collider, I have wondered who the would cast for the 4 Shows. Well here we go…

I introduce to you,  the new Collider SUPERGIRL Recap Show cast!

Kaori Takee @Kaorious
Clarke Wolfe @ClarkeWolfe
Britta Garsow @Britta_garsow
Carli Garsow @carli_garsow


And the Collider THE FLASH Recap Show team!

John Campea @JohnCampea
David Griffin @griffinde
John S. Rocha @therochasays
Quinn Marie


Meet the Collider ARROW Recap show team.

Ann Campea @AnnCampea
Michael Medina @mrmichaelalexis
Jason Inman @jawiin
Josh Macuga @JoshMacuga


And last but not least… the team behind our new Collider EMPIRE Recap Show. Starting this Wednesday… let me introduce

Jamiah Brown @Jamiah_B
Courtney Perdue @CourtneyPerdue1
Tamara Dhia @tamaradhia
Quinn Marie



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