Universal’s ‘Furious 8’ Trouble finding Director?


Greetings and Salutations Once Again Audience,

Recent news of James Wan choosing ‘Conjuring’ sequel over Fast & Furious sequel has many fans upset.

Right now no franchise is more important to Universal Pictures than Fast & Furious. Fast Seven grossed $1.5 billion worldwide this year and is still playing in some markets. Chris Morgan is already working on the Script but Universal still has not found a director as its announced April 2017 release date inches closer. With this hit studio chair Donna Langley was eager to re-enlist Furious 7 director James Wan, who step out of his shell from his horror-franchise past (Saw, Insidious) into major action with his big-budget breakout.

Now Rumor is that after Universal accepted Wan’s decision but then went back to Wan with an especially rich plea that one source describes it as “life-changing money” to direct Furious 8 but Wan, 38, is said to have felt that rather than life altering, the deal could have been life ending. Insiders confirm that the $200 million, two-year production of Furious 7 was so demanding that it actually hurt Wan’s health. In addition to dealing with the death of Paul Walker and some problems with Diesel as a producer. Like I said these reports are rumors but its looking like Furious 8 maybe in a little trouble.


Personally I think their going to have to move the April 2017 release date back a bit unless they nail someone down soon. Also who do you think will take up the walker seat? Maybe Dwayne Johnson’s character will step in and kind of pick up the ball which is more likely but how about Vin has a line like “I know a guy” and bring back again Lucas Black. I like him and it would make since.  So for ‘Furious 8’ I’ll give it  3 out of 5 in anticipation and that could go up when we hear that they landed a director and if Lucas Black gets casted so until then as always give me your thoughts in the comments below and then share this with your friends and become part of the conversation.


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