First Look At Benedict Cumberbatch As Doctor Strange


Greetings and salutations Once again Audience,Untitled

Entertainment Weekly has revealed the first officialy look at Benedict Cumberbatch in costume as Doctor Stange.

I read in the article, Cumberbatch hasn’t been in costume a lot took the photo shoot as an opportunity to practice Strange’s signature, arcane hand gestures. Filming began in November, and will not wrap until March.

“I’m still in the infancy of learning all that,”

Cumberbatch says.

“It was like, okay, I’ve got to keep throwing these poses, these spells, these rune-casting things, everything he does physically. I’m thinking, there’s going to be a huge amount of speculation and intrigue over the positioning of that finger as opposed to it being there, or there. And I’m still working on that. We haven’t played any of those scenes yet. I felt really self-conscious. But, then, by the end, it was great. It’s like anything, you just have to experiment.”

Personally I think its still to early to have a real solid opinion but I love Cumberbatch and Marvel hasn’t let us down yet so I think we’re in for one amazing ride from Doctor Strange. Well guys Leave a comment Below tell me what you think of the cover, then share this post with your friends, become part of the conversion.









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