Gene wilder a Tribute.

Gene wilder a man Who inspired a generation to dream.

For most audiences he’ll be remembered as Willy Wonka or Young Frankenstein (“that’s FRONKensteen”, but some of will remember you for George from 91′ “Another Me” also staring Comedy juggernaut Richard Pryor. But that’s not the only film you did him. In 89′ “See no evil hear no evil” and ” Stir Crazy 80′ & Silver Streak 79′ ” not to mention the countless years of wonderful television. You co starred next to some of the biggest stars like Richard Pryor as previously mentioned, Harrison Ford, Robert Prosky, Vanessa Williams & Stephen Lang not to diminish your own star power.

Born June 11, 1933 Attended and graduated from Washington High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1951). Received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa (1955). Was a lifelong brother of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity.

Served with the United States Army from 1956-1958. Served in the Medical Corps section in the United States Army. While serving in the US Army, he was assigned as a Medic to the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology at Valley Forge General Hospital in Phoenixville, PA. He worked in treating psychiatric patients.

Was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for The Producers (1967) but lost to Jack Albertson, who won for The Subject Was Roses (1968). Both Wilder and Albertson would later co-star in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971).

His father was a Russian Jewish immigrant. His mother was born in Illinois, to Russian Jewish parents. His mother was sick for most of his childhood, and he spent much of his time entertaining her as a kid to keep her happy and her spirits up. He subconsciously chose the name “Gene” as a stage name because he loved her so much and in honour of her. He chose “Wilder” because he loved Thornton Wilder’s play “Our Town”. I could go on and on but his life was so rich and lived.

Gene Wilder Died yesterday August 29 2016 to soon and a young age of 83. We’ll miss his smile and joy he gave to the world. The like of we may never see again.

Thank you Gene. My Mr.FRONKensteen!


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