Suicide Squad Review “Warning Spoilers”


Greeting and Salutations once again audience,

I wanted to see this movie a couple of times before I wrote my review. My first viewing of the film I had high expectations and rightful so after such a failure Batman v Superman “BVS” was. I wanted this movie to be great so they’ll keep making them but honestly there was no story. It felt like they spent no time developing a great story. Fearing that the world is vulnerable to otherworldly threats, the Government enlists the disposable Task Force X on a high-risk mission in exchange for absolution: Meanwhile, the Joker operates his own agenda.

The cast was not the problem in this movie unlike in BVS. Ike BarinholtzMargot RobbieWill SmithJay Hernandez were awesome in the film. Jay Hernandez as Diablo has really the stand out star of this movie for me with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in a very close 2nd. Jared Leto’s “Joker” wasn’t the best we’ve seen on screen but was still really good and I’m all on broad now for this Joker. The surprise for me was Ike Barinholtz as Griggs, his timing was dead on. Ike came to play. I hope to seen Ike Barinholtz as Griggs in future DC movies. Will Smith didn’t total suck. Will Smith really felt like he came to work. I loved very thing he did in this movie. Like I said before the cast wasn’t the problem in this movie.


The problems this movie faced were marketing, Story, editing and the cinematography. It felt like everything was picked at the last minute. The story, what little there is, was about the Suicide Squad fighting itself and the plot holes like no other which I’ll talk about the worst. So something is attacking a subway and they deploy the Suicide Squad to fight it, but when their explained what the mission is its total not what they was activated for. They do go to fight the treat at the end but only to finish the mission their on now. Now marking either dropped the ball hard on this one or are a room of the biggest lying douchebags EVER! They lead most people to believe that Joker was going to be the main villain of the movie. My theory leading up to the release was that the joker gets Cara Delevingne as Enchantress to work for him and turns him into so crazy joker monster, similar to the Batman game where Joker uses a version on Banes venom to turn into a Joker hulk like monster. Now editing is a whole other story. They fantastic four’d this movie! What!? To soon? The movie feels light, like the cut out 30 minutes to shorten the run time. Now making a good movie is hard and that’s not a lie and they always go into every movie hoping it’s going to be great but they just missed it here. I really could keep going on and on about what was wrong with this movie but I want to get to what worked.


Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn was the best thing DC has done besides Batman. She was dead on the whole movie. I loved every scene she was in every word she spoke and she was a bad ass. She was crazy, smart, she could fight and she was fearless. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was by far the best time I’ve had in the movies since Deadpool. While by now you guessed it I’m not a fan of the movie as a while but Harley Quinn will have me coming back again and again. I’ve seen it five times already, a couple just for her. The Harley easter eggs were all awesome. Another good thing in the movie was Batman and how we delt with Deadshot and the Joker.

Now after seeing this film five times I do like it a little better than my first showing and it’s not as bad as Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four or Sony’s Amazing spider man 2. I hope DC learns from BVS and Suicide Squad. I give this movie a 5 out of 10. As always guys tell me what you thought of the movie in the comments or on twitter @FenixArising  and become part of the conversation.




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