New CG Resident Evil Trailer released


Greetings and salutations once again audience,

Following the up coming release of the next live action chapter in the Resident evil franchise “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” which will be the last film starring lead Milla Jovovich, is this fully CG Resident Evil movie, “Resident Evil: Vendetta”. I have a love hate relationship with these movies because as bad as they are I’m always left wanting anothersj one. Its sad to see Milla leave but like Hugh Jackman whos played wolverine for 16 plus years Milla has played Alice for 14 years.

This film will be set between Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil 7. Kadokawa and Capcom released the first trailer for the Japan release, No official announcement of an international release date. Directed by Takanori Tsujimoto, written by Makoto Fukami, produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi & Takashi Shimizu and including characters from the series Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Rebecca Chambers.

Good or bad, Love or Hate, those films know what they are and don’t try to be something their not. I always enjoy watching how crazy this world is and never take them to serious. my level of anticipation is a 3 out of 5. As always tell me what you think in the comments below or on twitter @fenixArising . I’ve included the Trailer below.



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